The first week is over and we broke into it easily. Classes are starting to fill up again so if you have not been to class for a while then now would be the best time to restart your fitness campagne with Zumba fitness. I am looking forward to teaching you all a few new dances this year, some to work us hard others to have fun with.
A few little diet tips i have heard recently have sadly been found to be untrue. Amongst them are:-
If you eat standing up then all the calories fall out. Sadly not true

If you eat with your eyes closed the body does not see the colories so therefore they do not count. Again untrue.

If you eat other peoples food the calories were meant for them not you so dont count. Again wrong

I will continue to research these tips on your behalf to find if any of them are true and If I find one will shout it from the roof tops so everyone can hear.

What is true is that the more colours on your plate the more vitamins we get and beige food is not usually good for us. We need a good variety of food to lose weight so maybe try introducing one new food type each week into your diet, something you would not usually eat. If you like it great have it again if you dislike it then try something else next week.

Dont be shy to let me know how your doing with your diets and fitness. Good or bad I am sure I can help.


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