Many of us are concerned about the fat around the middle of our body's, we are told over and over agian it is because we eat too much fat so we cut out more fat from our diets leaving us with cravings and over eating of carbs.
Contary to popular belief it is not the fat that causes this but too much carbohydrate. Carbohydrate releases insulin into the blood stream to cope with the sudden rush of sugars (yes carbs are considered sugars by the body). Over long periods of over eating carbs the cells become clogged up with unused glycogen and begin to refuse to accept any more fuel into the cell. The liver then has to deal with the excess and lays it down on the body as fat.
We all need a certain amount of fat in the diet just to ensure the body functions properly, the secret is to choose good fats not the bad fats. Fat and protein are the building blocks of our cells and if we deprive the body of these nutrients we are risking serious health problems long term. Each meal we eat should contain foods from the 4 food groups.

Protein, fat, starchy carbohydrate and non starchy carbohydrate.

It is the starchy carbs that make us eventually put on weight around the heart. Biabetic doctors and nurses call the mid section the insulin meter as it is a good indication of if you are at risk of tyre 2 diabetes. The more fat you have in this area the higher the risk.

The average person requires around 45g to 60g of carbs per day split between either 3 large meals or 3 smaller meals and 2 snacks. People who are heavy exerciers may need upto 90g of carbs per day. Making sure that each meal contains fat and protein will also fill you up for longer reducing the craving attacks mid morning and mid afternoon.

Learn what is a good fat and what is a bad fat and then start to make changes gradually to your diet so as not to shock the system too much causing you to fail. Eating a good balance of all the food types will improve your health, increase your energy levels and generally make you feel great. You did not get over weight over night so do not expect to lose weight too quickly either. If you are losing more than 2lb per week you are losing lean muscle tissue causing you to become weaker not stronger.

Till next time. XXX

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